Cellulitis is characterised by the deformation or hypertrophy of the fatty cells, which, with an accumulation of water and toxins, produce an increase the thickness of the skin, and a deformation of the skin that can be potentially painful.
Cellulitis usually appears during puberty and it settles permanently at a rate depending on the different individuals' characteristics. Therefore anti-cellulite treatment should not be seasonal, but throughout the year for prevention, correction and cure.
Improvement in a case of cellulitis is determined by:
· Decrease of the fatty deposit.
· Improvement in the drainage of interstitial liquids.
· Restructuring of damaged tissue.
To achieve the above results the following tratments are recommended by this Pharmacy's team:

LIPOSYNE (Vichy laboratories)

Oferta: 2 x 27,50€


Lipostretch (Laboratories Vichy)

LIPOSTRETCH stimulates development of elastinic fibres, fills the stock of collagen and makes the skin more elastic and firm. Contours of the body get the lost forms; the silhouette becomes slender and smart.

Lipocure (Laboratories Vichy)

Lipocure Simpling Decongesting Serum. Lipocure concentrates on the appearance of your skin. 14 day shock treatment to unlock and smooth stubborn cellulite. For women concerned about the appearance of cellulite.

Patch anti-cellullite 24h. (Lab. Roc)

New patch anti-cellulite Roc.

Targeted action. 24 hours.



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