As from the age of 40 a woman's body slowly begins to lose its hormonal balance. As a result of this imbalance a succession of symptoms occur: hot flushes, emotional imbalance, osteoporosis etc
This pharmacy's team has selected a series of natural products dedicated to help diminish the menopausal symptoms:


Bonviva (ibandronic acid) Roche and GSK, is the first and only once-monthly tablet for the effective treatment of postmenopausal osteoporosis.

PHYTO SOYA 180 Caps:
Phyto Soya


A soja extract product that helps the necessary isoflavonoids to combat the menopause with serenity.

PHYTO-SOYA Age Minimising Cream
Phyto Soya Crème
Phyto Soya age minimising cream with soya isoflavones has a three fold anti-ageing action: Boosts the cell renewal process, stimulates collagen synthesis, acts against free radicals.
By this three-fold action, Phyto Soya Age Minimising Cream combats cell ageing and significantly improves skin firmness and thickness.

Phyto Soya Solution

A soap-free solution for mucous membranes that have become delicate. A gentle, soap-free washing solution, Phyto Soya Solution is hypoallergenic and specially formulated for women's daily personal hygiene.
This solution has a specific formula containing 3 complementary active principles of natural origin and particularly well suited to mucous membranes that have become delicate (soya isoflavones, calendula extract, quaternised coconut oil). It is used daily like a liquid soap and gives protection against the onset of itching and irritation.
Phyto Soya Equilibre
Phyto soya equilibre
Helps with all premenopause symptoms: Premenstrual Syndrome, Sleep Disorders,
Stress, Irritability, Hair deterioration.
Phyto Soya Oméga 3
phyto soya omega 3
A Food supplement providing Soya Isoflavones & Omega 3. This conbination helps with cardiovascular balance and improved morale.


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