MIGRACALM® is a headband that applies controlled pressure on the point in the temples(the part of the cranium between the ear, the cheek and the eye) where most of the pain is focused, producing a sensation of relief.

MIGRACALM® has a specially designed shape that can be adapted to the head. At both ends, there are curved surfaces that can be adjusted to the temples(the part of the cranium between the ear, the cheek and the eye), applying slight pressure to the superficial temporal arteries.


The persona method of contraception:

This is a method of contraception specifically for the user helping determine days of maximum fertility.

Wrist blood pressure monitors:

The Omron RX-M automatic measuring system is for both arterial blood pressure and pulse. It can memorise up to fourteen measurements and is clinically approved.

Omron MX3

Arm blood pressure monitors:

The Omron MX3is an oscillometric measuring system for both arterial blood pressure and pulse.

Glycaemia monitors:

An accutrend sensor has a big screen and automatic coding. It can memorise up to 100 numbers as well as the time and the date.

Audio thermometers:
Braun thermoscan plus (pharmacy edition).- The auricular thermometer is for the whole family. It takes your temperature in just one second. An acoustic signal indicates that the temperature has been taken. The screen lights up to allow an easier reading.
Frontal infrared thermometers:

Chicco Thermotek Temple- The frontal thermometer is made from an infrared-based technology invented and produced by Chicco´s thermometric experts. Taking somebody's temperature is as easy as putting a hand on their forehead to test if they have a fever.

Dummy thermometers:
Digital baby Hartman

Digital thermometers:
Digital Thermometer KD. Digital Omron MC3B Thermometer with an acoustic signal
Electrical toothbrushes
Braun Oral-b plus

· Braun Oral B Plaque Remover 3D an electrical toothbrush which cleans 3 dimensionally and at the same time eliminate plaque from between the teeth and from under the gums. It eliminates stains and reduces gingivitis
· Water Pick: the V shaped bristles remove plaque efficiently from the dental surface, between the teeth and along the gums. Its compact design is ideal for travelling
· Pulse: A unique ultra-fast pulsating action that leaves your teeth clean like never before. Battery operated.

Minivap.- Minivap vaporizes in the room balsamic oils for use in bedrooms and small rooms, helps to increase the humidity level. Contains sample of balsamic oil.
  • Chicco Ultra-Sonic Balloon.- · controls the humidity of the room increasing the level to combat the effects of atmospheric dryness caused in the main by central heating. It is silent and can be left on day and night. ICO 8.31

  • ICO 8'3l
Electrical Breast Pumps
Medela Mini Electric.-· Operated either by batteries or by electricity using only one hand. It is quick, comfortable and efficient.
Baby Bottle Sterilisers
Chicco.- · An electric steam steriliser that allows up to six bottles and accessories to be sterilised in about 15 minutes without the use of any chemical substances
Baby Intercom
CHICCO Radio control
Chicco Baby Control.- · The chargeable Baby Control allows freedom of movement whilst keeping a check on the baby. Continuous variable frequency transmission or voice activation. Does not need batteries.


Bottle Heaters

· Chicco Day & Night. Keeps up to two bottles chilled and has a quick heating system.
· The ICO bottle heater can be used at home (220v) or in the car (12v). It can be used to heat little pots of baby food and includes a glass thermo-resistant baby bottle
· SARO Bottle Heater
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