Homeopathy is a treatment, which consists in using infinitely small doses of substances that if given in high doses to a healthy individual would produce the same symptoms that are being treated. Homeopathy stimulates the immune system to fight against certain specific symptoms.

The team of the Roser Miró Pharmacy recommends homeopathy for the prevention of allergies, cold sores and the common cold. You can also find specific treatments for menopause, breast-feeding and pre-natal care.

Homeopathic specialities


oscillococcinum boiron

oscillococcinum granulos

Oscillococcinum (commonly shortened to Oscillo) is a homeopathic alternative medicine marketed to relieve influenza-like symptoms.

Oscillococcinum is manufactured by Boiron Laboratories.

Oscillococcinum 6 doses: 6,50 €
Oscillococcinum 30 doses: 25,90 €

Avenoc Boiron
Arnica Boiron
Cocculine Boiron
Corylalia Boiron
Paragrippe Boiron
Sedatif PC
Sédatif PC Boiron
Stodal Boiron


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